Welcome to Poker-THAC.com!

This website features a revolutionary poker calculator that excels in flexibility. Texas Holdem Advanced Calculator (THAC) was developed as a tool to improve your poker skills by analysing any situation but grew out to be a quick and accurate solution to any theoretical question.


  • Save any setup in our database so you can re-use it
  • Some well-known preset ranges to get you started fast
  • Customize your own ranges for players and swap player ranges on the fly
  • Calculate expected outcomes to help you make the best decisions
  • Calculate any situation, even hypothetical ones where you are certain of just a few cards.
  • Calculate any pre-flop situation, with any number of players

  • THAC-engine

    THAC uses a highly flexible engine, developed by mathematician Oscar van der Schaaf. This Engine is very fast, so you can use THAC anywhere and anyhow you want. THAC accounts for the Bunching effect: when a player folds, that gives you valuable information that you want to use to make more accurate predictions. If you see 4 players fold, what does that tell you about the remaining cards? If you know these players play roughly the best 50% of starting hands, that gives you an idea of the range of cards that were discarded. Sounds complicated? No worries. That’s what THAC is for. If the math doesn’t scare you off, you can always send us an email with a request for the academic background.


    THAC is avalaible for Android mobile! Get it here.